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What we do

Making digital risks smaller
Sytec delivers IT Security services starting at just £150 / month

Digital security is a function of people, processes and technology

As a Managed Security Service Provider, we will take responsibility for improving your cyber-security, creating processes for the organisation, training the people, provide regular security reporting, and respond in the event of an incident.

Boundary Firewalls

Internet gateways. routers, WiFi access points must be secured and managed.


Secure Configuration

All network accessable equipment must be correctly secured and documented.

Access Control

Network access must be controlled, and monitored using individual privileges.


Malware Protection

Restrict untrusted apps and protect access to sensitive data.


Patch management

Ensure systems have vulnerabilities fixed when updates become available.

Threat Awareness

The human factor is an important element in any organisation.

CyberSecurity is good business sense, yet is often ignored until a breach has occured

Everyone uses passwords...

Q: What
is a good password?

Q: When should passwords be changed?

Q: How can we prove password access is genuine?

Q: Who should be contacted if a password breach occurs?

A: A security process forces individuals to use compliant passwords, ensuring passwords are changed at appropriate times, secure access is evidenced with regular reporting, and when an event occurs a known procedure is already in place.

Security requires proof...

Q: What is Microsoft’s Secure Score?

Q: When should security me monitored?

Q: How do you compare against best practice?

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining security?

A: A security process forces organisations to adopt a standard and records compliance, ensuring only authorised accounts have access, evidenced with regular reporting, and ensures a procedure is in place to maintain security.

Our Managed Security Service ensures your improvement to cybersecurity starts today

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