Managed Desktop Security

£12.65 per PC

Your security, our priority

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Computer Security using automation to minimise cost and reduce cyber risk.


Q: Concerned that your computer security is at risk?

A: Automated updates, auditing and reporting provides security assurance.

Boundary Firewalls

Use hardware firewalls to secure and manage network and Wi-Fi access.


Malware Protection

Protect access to data using anti-virus software & restricting untrusted apps.


Secure Configuration

Configure and document equipment to use security controls.


More than 80% of cyber attacks have been as a result of poor computer security

Access Control

Control & report computer access and enforce user privileges.

Threat Awareness

Advocate threat reporting to maintain compliance and identify shortfalls.


Patch management

Install and document security patches as they are made available.

Managed Desktop Security: Automation and reporting to deliver enhanced computer security.

What is Managed Desktop Security ?

Our managed service scales to cover the maintenance of all your computers’ security for a fixed monthly fee.

  • We use automation to maintain, manage and monitor the health and security of your computers, and re-act to alerts as necessary.
  • The service applies the security patches, fixes, and updates to your computers remotely and without needing a technician.
  • Preventive maintenance also reduces support costs and improves reliability.
  • Automation includes reporting ensuring all tasks are tracked.
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Good security requires proof.

Knowing the state of systems is used to prove compliance with a security policy, and allows detailed security questions to be asked.

  • We use automation to check and apply computer security updates, every task is  documented with date & time stamps.
  • Monthly reporting ensures that answers can be given to questions such as “which computers did not install recent security patches?”
  • A culture of ‘security first’ enforces use of approved apps, this increases productivity and ensures changes maintain security.

What's the cost & what's included?


  • Monthly charge of £12.65 +VAT per computer.
  • Continuous automated computer security monitoring.
  • Assurance that security patches are applied.
  • Monthly computer security report.
  • Continuous Virus & Malware protection.
  • Monthly automated report of installed software.
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Cost effective security is a blend of automation and human skills – Gareth Brown

Managed security monitoring and reporting

We designed Managed Desktop Security to use automation resulting in a low-cost service that complements existing IT resources, saves money, and provides peace of mind.

Managed by our team of certified security analysts, we use automated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software tools to identify and report threats. We then pro-actively report from the automated system to provide detailed visibility.

GDPR has made everyone aware that data security is important. Managed Desktop Security provides confidence that computer security protection is in place and working correctly. The reporting function then provides assurance that security is up to date and provides evidence to prove compliance with your organisation’s IT policy.

In summary, a robust IT policy with an security audit trail meets the needs for professional association compliance, UK Cyber Essentials certification, PCI DSS, the Data Protection Act and ISO27001.

Step up with a Managed Desktop Security service and take control of CyberSecurity.