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Sytec is focused on business network security and computer support

Network Security

Our team of cloud, server and network experts can perform vulnerability scans and penetration tests. We offer DSS PCI and cyber security assessments.

If you worry about who has access to your server, network or cloud data, we can help, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Computer Support

We are proud of our reputation for quickly responding and assisting with user requests. We identify and solve network and server problems.

If your computers feel unmanageable, or the network is slow to respond, we can help, please feel welcome to get in touch.

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Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing – Warren Buffet

At Sytec, we have developed straight forward processes that start by defining the risk and securing the data.  Then, in parallel we work to improve the awareness of staff and introduce regular monitoring & reporting.

By addressing every project as a series of clearly defined tasks, our objective is to tighten and support data security.

Systems and Technology bring different risks, but rather than worrying about the IT risk, when you choose to work with Sytec we shall bring our combined experience and expertise to help define your risks, protect your data, improve staff awareness, introduce monitoring and escalation, and test the recovery process.  Our approach and combination of methods has proven to be an effective counter measure to the evolving threats.

Whether you are taking a first step or looking to re-assess your security profile, we would be pleased to become involved in your cyber-security project.

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Cyber Essentials

Working from home

Staff who usually work from home are prepared and set up with dedicated equipment, securely configured for remote access, supported with . . .

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Do I need Cyber Insurance?

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A friendly & fast response is as important as technical expertise

Sytec’s support is superb, with a consistency that all businesses could aspire to – Dr Matt Clover

Protecting data is important for any organisation.

Transparency is critical: IT administrators must be able to prove that their systems and users are better protected.

Using our 5 step cycle, we;

  • determine the risks,
  • implement new safeguards,
  • improve awareness,
  • monitor & detect,
  • prepare for recovery.

In summary, these steps are a cost effective method to implement and meet the UK National Cyber Security Standard for Cyber Essentials. We are regularly asked to validate and verify IT systems and advise on safeguarding & security and our approach is to review the measures and protection in place, and advise what more could be added.

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Where issues require a manager either for urgency or any other reason please ask for escalation.

We respond to escalated issues within 1 hour, during office hours.

To make a compliant, please contact a director. We will respond to complaints within 1 working day, and investigate and report within 5 working days. 

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