IT Support during the Coronavirus outbreak


Most of us are home working

All our contact details remain the same, and when you call or message, the service team and the help desk technicians are operating normally.  The single notable change is we are not offering routine visits.  Please ensure we have your updated contact details so we can call you back at home as necessary.

Emergency IT tasks and urgent site visits

In the case of an emergency that requires a engineering visit, we will work alongside your safety policies and our own, including a clear minimum physical separation of 3 metres.

IT Security when working from home (or anytime)


Data security is important

When working from home and using a computer that other family members use too, make sure it is up to date and only login for work using a dedicated account for work with a secret password.  If you need help to set this up, just ask.

Work within your organisation’s data policy, specifically only access data from work using your home computer when there is clear written approval, this could be a general policy or a specific clause in your contract.

Secure your technology at home too

Check routinely and where required remove

  • User accounts which are no longer required
  • Software longer used
  • Unused apps on mobile devices
  • Redundant cloud services that access other app data
  • Files and documents that contain sensitive information

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