Infrastructure Review

Assess the health of your

IT Infrastructure

An expert second opinion” is the most frequent reason for an infrastructure review

Infrastructure Review

Review process

  1. Agree the schedule & costs
  2. Complete the assessment
  3. Draft report
  4. Issue report

We follow the agreed schedule, with a draft report sent 2 working days after the final visit, and the final report ready the following day.

Fixed price of £425 per half day.

An Infrastructure Review is intended to provide an independent comprehensive view of your IT environment and maps the results against best practice and respected standards.

By identifying the technology and services that you depend upon, an Infrastructure Review provides an expert analysis of the situation and can be used to form or verify a plan for investment, support due diligence, or when taking on new responsibilities.

Our IT Infrastructure Review will highlight 3 key areas;

  1. Risks to your organisation
  2. Performance and availability shortfalls
  3. Areas for development to meet operational needs

Beginning with a discussion to understand your objectives, we can adapt our approach to focus on particular concerns.

At the end of the process, we issue a draft report, and we welcome comments, before issuing a final report with recommendations, actions and where future investment might be used to meet best practice.

IT Strategy

Effective strategy demands an iterative process, our engagement reflects this with quarterly meetings.

Fixed price of £375 per half day.

Our approach to developing an Information Technology Strategy is a consultative service, and we will work with you to understand your operational objectives and discuss how the IT could evolve to support them.

We bring technical expertise & experience to the discussion and will help to convert strategy into policy and policy into implementation.

It can be helpful to use this approach to mitigate risk within planned IT projects; we will robustly examine and identify risk and help ensure that controls, milestones & outcomes are aligned with business objectives.

We document recommendations, and take pride from offering an impartial, honest and professional opinion that you can trust.

IT Health Check

An IT health check can be very specific in scope, and can also be used before, during or after a project.

When urgent, we can start very quickly.

Fixed price of £375 per half day.

Sytec’s IT Health Check can provide an immediate assessment of a specific environment and will authoritatively answer questions.

Our robust Health Check brings an honest appraisal and does not assume any need for change.

Whilst planned maintenance is an essential element to maximize the value of technology, sometimes momentum is lost and a Health Check can identify how to resolve problems.

A long term view is the cornerstone of delivering value from all technology investment, as a 2nd opinion we can bring valuable options when considering ‘what next’?

When used more broadly, the Health Check takes a high level view of key hardware, software, and services in use, and we will deliver a documented assessment of constraints, risk, and potential improvements that can be made.