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As a Managed Service Provider, we support your internal team with escalated IT support.

Our service desk is available 24 x 7 to book engineers who will assist & resolve issues.

Q: Concerned that your technology is at risk?

A: Managed controls, automated reporting and escalated support provides assurance.

Level 1 Automation

IT Automation with diagnostic, protection and self healing & alerting technology.

Level 2 Escalated Support

Calls answered within 20 seconds & fast escalation to qualified engineers.

Level 3 Onsite Engineers

Same day, usually within 4 hours, response by experienced engineers.

Difference between good and great
IT support is;


Infrastructure Skills

Broadband, network, CCTV, phones, telecoms, copper, fibre and WiFi.

Cloud Services

We regularly migrate to Office365 & AWS, (clouds do have a silver lining).



Data infrastructure review, we will advise on risk, controls and performance.

Located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Sytec’s team of IT security and support experts provide a broad experience working with regional, national and international businesses.  We are proactive at diagnosing IT problems on a daily basis and offer network, server and computer support, including working from home.

Our consultative support approach the planning and implementation of new projects, and can be used effectively as an independent opinion of IT security.
Whatever your industry sector, we shall use best practice to minimise risk and provide a bespoke solution.

Active Managed Security brings automation and reporting to keep computers maintained.

Escalation compliments automation service with expert IT engineers.

Do I need Managed Desktop ?

There are various ways to manage computers, we recommend IT automation to maintain, manage and monitor system health.

  • Our Managed Desktop service covers the maintenance of your computers for a fixed monthly fee and includes virus and malware protection.
  • Without causing interruption to users we apply the security patches, fixes, and updates to your computers remotely.
  • Preventive maintenance reduces costs and improves reliability.
  • Automation includes reporting controls so that all tasks are tracked.

When is Escalated IT Support used ?

When assistance is required from an engineer, either remotely or in person this is Escalated IT Support.

  • Access to Escalated IT Support does not require use of any IT automation.
  • Engineers are available to support remotely and on site.
  • Escalated support is available using pre-paid pool, booked in 15 minute units.
  • The support pool can be topped up regularly or as required. 
  • When appropriate, we offer a fixed price to complete programmes of work.

What are the costs & what's included ?


  • IT Automation: Fixed monthly charge of £12.65 +VAT per PC and includes security and virus protection.
  • Services include a 12 month commitment.
  • IT Support: 10 hours of IT support charged at £875 +VAT, topped up as required, this pool of IT Support remains available for 12 months, applying a new ‘top up’ carries forward all available time.
  • A discount to all our rates is available for a larger commitment of hours, schools and charitable organisations.

What about Server & Cloud Support ?

We offer a fixed monthly Managed Server which includes automation and remote escalated support, on site tasks are not included.

  • We use automation tools to monitor server events, check and apply security updates.
  • A fixed monthly charge of £235 +VAT per server applies, based upon 1 host and 2 virtual servers.
  • A fixed monthly fee of £90 +VAT is available for cloud services and works well to manage and maintain Microsoft Office 365 for example.

Cost effective support is achieved using automation and human skills
– Gareth Brown

Managed systems are always more reliable

We designed Managed Desktop to use automation resulting in a low-cost service that complements existing IT resources, saves money, and provides peace of mind.

Managed by our team of certified security analysts, we use automated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software tools to identify and remediate. We pro-actively report from the automated system to provide detailed visibility.

GDPR has made everyone aware that data security is important. Managed Desktop provides confidence that oversight is in place and includes security protection. The reporting function then provides assurance that security is up to date and provides evidence to prove compliance with your organisation’s IT policy.

In summary, a robust IT policy with an security audit trail meets the needs for professional association compliance, UK Cyber Essentials certification, PCI DSS, the Data Protection Act and ISO27001.

A blend of automation and expert IT support is good business sense

Our IT Managed Service ensures your systems remain dependable every day